Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse for Passionate Gamers

Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse for Passionate Gamers

It is important to use best gaming mouse to improve the performance of your gaming laptop. In fact, it increases your comfort while playing your favorite games.

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Now, check the list of best gaming mouse below. Just read the detail and choose the most suitable mouse you need.

Steel Series Rival 700

It is considered as one of popular gaming mouse among gamers. It is due to the use of several special features. Those features are including OLED display, RGB lighting, adjustable DPI, and laser sensor. Interestingly, you can change the sensor if you want to do so by buying the new sensor separately. Seeing the stylish design and its features, Steel Series Rival 700 is perfect for those who love to play FPS, RPG, and MMO games. Too bad, this gaming mouse is not designed for left handed gamers and the manufacturer doesn’t publish gaming mouse for left handed version. But it seems not a serious problem because the manufacturer has enough experience to produces gaming mouse. That’s why Steel Series Rival 700 is designed along with industry standard. The best part of this gaming mouse is on the vibrate ability. In fact, this gaming mouse is considered as the only mouse which can vibrate. It seems that because of those features, design, and ability to vibrate, this gaming mouse is a little bit expensive. But if you really want to play your favorite games comfortably, the price will be not a problem.


The fantastic thing about this gaming mouse is on its design and features. The design looks futuristic and stylish enough along with the use of magnesium alloy as the material. In fact, it is uncommon material for a gaming mouse. It seems because of the material, ASUS ROG Spatha is a little bit heavier than its competitors. On the features, you will see additional buttons. Just imagine that you can customize up to 12 programmable buttons. You can customize it by using Asus Armoury software. Plus, it is made from Omron switches which are long lasting and easy to replace if it is necessary. This mouse is highly flexible in which you can use it whether wireless or with wire. The RGB light makes this mouse looks cool and boost your confidence. The heavy design doesn’t make it uncomfortable. In fact, ASUS is offering an ergonomic gaming mouse and it keeps your comfortable after playing all day long. In contrast, gamers think that this mouse is a little bit to expensive and heavy. Some of side buttons are stiff to press. But if you want to find best gaming mouse for MMO games, you might go with ASUS ROG Spatha.  

Razer Ouroboros

If you want to feel the similar sensation just like playing a game with ASUS ROG Spatha, you may try Razer Ouroboros. The similarity is on the wireless and wire combination on its design. The significant different is that Razer Ouroboros is suitable for left handed gamers or ambidextrous. It seems that this gaming mouse focuses on how to serve a comfort mouse without any various features. Let say, you can’t find RGB lighting just like the two references above. Because of its simple features, gamers can feel the maximal sensation and experience while using this mouse. Interestingly, you can remove the parts and shift them. This gaming mouse is also supported by 11 programmable buttons and dual sensor. The dual sensor is accurate enough and it keeps you play the game just like what you want. You may use wireless and because of that battery life is important. You don’t need to worry about that because Razer Ouroboros is using powerful battery and it is long lasting for all day long playing. It seems the problem is the same in which the price is a little bit expensive for a gaming mouse. The feature seems to be a little bit complicated to learn and it takes time to use this mouse flawlessly.      

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Some of gamers love to use wireless gaming mouse because it is simple and fast to use. Despite of simple design, Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum can be a hard competitor for ASUS and Razer. This is due to the high DPI level and RGB lighting and it makes this gaming mouse looks impressive. G900 Chaos Spectrum is also a great option for those who need an ambidextrous mouse to play your favorite games. Moreover, you can also use it both whether wireless or wired. In contrast, some gamers are a little bit uncomfortable with the design and they need more time to use this mouse smoothly. The price is also expensive but it seems okay if you have a high quality gaming mouse, right?

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

FPS gamers should take this gaming mouse on their list. The special features are including RGB lighting along with easy to use software. The DIP and buttons will make you love to use this mouse while playing your favorite FPS games. You can also easily move the mouse because it is lightweight and handy enough. It is true that FPS gamers will be pleased with this mouse but Corsair M65 Pro RGB is still compatible for all types of games. Not all gamers are satisfied with the design but it is worth it enough to try. So, if you need a flexible gaming mouse for playing FPS games, don’t forget to buy this gaming mouse and feel new gaming experience.

Finally, you have 5 different best gaming mouse along with their design and features. Those products are offered in stylish design and complete features. It is up to you whether you want to use wired or wireless mouse, ambidextrous or not, programmable buttons or not. As long as you can use the mouse maximally, you may choose it. The main purpose of using best gaming mouse is to make you play your favorite PC games long lasting all day long without any problem. So, are you ready to play games with the best gaming mouse?

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